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Welcome to Bark Crafters

My Story

Since the late 80s, I have been involved in the technology industry as a software engineer. For the last decade, I ran my own software consulting business. For the next chapter in my life, the thought of doing something that is not so dependent on technology seems very attractive. I have always been interested in woodworking but never really had the time or tools to seriously pursue learning more about it.

It would be wrong to completely suppress my inner geek so I ended up purchasing a CNC machine. After doing some research and watching an absurd number of hours of YouTube videos, I settled on Carbide 3D’s Shapeoko Pro 5. I also added a few new tools like a planer, jointer, router table, benchtop sander and dust collection system. My workshop doubles as our garage (or is it the other way around) so I had to put everything on wheels just so we can get cars in the garage when necessary. My wife runs a dog training business, Savvy Dog Sports, on our property and has her own beautiful Morton Building. It does not seem fair that I have been relegated to the garage but that is how it is, at least for now.

I am fortunate to have a local lumber yard, Lakeshore Hardwoods, where I can source some very nice rough-cut lumber. The staff is extremely knowledgeable. Steve, who I deal with most often, was a cabinet maker for Stickley for decades. I wish there was a way to magically transfer all his knowledge and experience but I will just have to learn at my own pace and keep asking him dumb questions along the way.

Anyway, welcome to my website. I hope to add more products as I learn more about the capabilities of my CNC machine and woodworking in general. Please contact me with any comments or questions and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

-Ken Symons

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